Beyonce and Jay-Z Didn't Pay for Meghan Markle Painting, But It's OK

The artist behind a Meghan Markle painting Beyonce and Jay-Z used during the Brit Awards says they never got his permission, nor did they pay him a cent — but he’s letting it slide.

Tim O’Brien tells us … he was shocked and honored to see his piece behind the Carters at Wednesday’s award show. Bey and Jay recorded their acceptance speech for Best International Group — and Tim’s homage to the Duchess of Sussex was prominently displayed.

The speech was a recreation of their “APES**T” music vid … but instead of the Mona Lisa behind them, it was “Queen Markle.”

Tim says no one from Jay and Beyonce’s camps hit him up for permission. He explained why he’s also certain they didn’t buy the portrait from him online. It costs $75 so … yeah, they can afford it.

This kinda sitch typically leads to big fat lawsuits, but Tim’s willing to give ’em a pass. Well, at least this time. Watch … it’s pretty clear he’s happy for the publicity, but he’d be way happier with a check.

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