Beyonce dressed up like Lisa Bonet & posed with twins Rumi & Sir

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Beyonce is a Virgo Queen. She truly is Peak Virgo, if we’re being honest. Her attention to detail, her organization, her habits which border on neurosis… it’s all very Virgo, and I’m saying that as a neurotic Virgo. Her 38th birthday (“38th”) was on September 4th, and it was almost an international holiday, with all of the peasants wishing Bey a happy birthday and everyone sharing their favorite Beyonce videos, memes, photos and more. How did Beyonce celebrate BeyDay? That weekend, she was at her husband’s Made In America festival. I assume she spent her actual birthday with Jay-Z, their children and probably her mom and sister.

So now weeks later, Beyonce decided to post some photos of her 37th year on this world, special behind-the-scenes stuff from home, from her recent vacation in Sardinia, and photos of the babies, Rumi and Sir. The photo that got everyone’s attention was Beyonce dressed up as vintage Lisa Bonet while she held Rumi and Sir. We’ve actually gotten some looks at Rumi and Sir before, mostly through photos Beyonce has curated and posted on her site. She doesn’t hide the babies but she’s not posting tons of Rumi & Sir content either. It’s a nice balance. But here we can see their faces and everything! And Beyonce looks great as Lisa Bonet too. I love that Bey just loves to play dress-up for no real reason. I know Bey is the queen of everything, but she’s also sort of a cheeseball too.

And here are some photos from the Sardinia trip:

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