Big Brother’s Lauren Harries suffering ‘worst nightmare’ amid emergency brain surgery

Celebrity Big Brother legend Lauren Harries is now awake and recovering in hospital following emergency brain surgery.

The reality star, 45, was rushed to hospital earlier this week but the cause is still unknown.

The news first broke when Lauren's mum, Kate Harries, took to Twitter and asked her fans to 'send prayers'.

Her tweet, which was published on Friday (April 14), read: "Please pray or send good thoughts to my precious daughter Lauren @LaurenHarries. Who is recovering from emergency brain surgery today."

In a more recent update, a post had been published on Lauren's official Twitter account.

The tweet shows Lauren sitting up in bed following the procedure wearing sunglasses with medical dressing on her head.

A spokesperson for Lauren said: "Lauren has woken up after her brain surgery. They had to shave her hair.

"As you know this is Laurens worst nightmare but she would have died if not. The amazing staff in the Heath Hospital have been wonderful.

"Thank you for your kind words, her recovery ahead. Update to follow."

Friends and followers were quick to share their relief and well wishes in response to the tweet.

One person said: "Sending you love and light Lauren, and a speedy recovery. With or without hair you'll still look glamorous."

Another said: "Glad you recovering from the surgery, Hoping for a good rehab hun."

A third wrote: "Glad she’s on the mend. The poor girl has been through enough in her life already!"

And a fourth replied: "Hope you get better soon. Sending strength and love Lauren."

Lauren was active on her Twitter just three days prior to the news of her surgery breaking where she was talking with her followers.

Her most recent tweet, posted on April 11, read: "Back to what I was doing, love you, speak soon."

The former Celebrity Big Brother star was born in Surrey in 1978 and is the youngest of three children.

Lauren found fame as a 12-year-old antique expert, who appeared on the Antiques Roadshow and Wogan, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2003

She later came back into the spotlight in 2013 after appearing on the 12th series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The Welsh star has since carved out a TV career and even released a single, I Am A Woman, in 2015.

She previously opened up about her gender reassignment surgery and said it was more dangerous compared to what it is now.

She told the Daily Star: "It is a big operation and when I had it done all those years ago it was more dangerous as they didn’t know enough about it."

"There was talk that if I had it done I would have a heart attack in my 30s as my body wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

"To me, it was like get me in the kitchen, get a vet, get whoever, let's get it done, in those days it lost me £20,000 but I think it was more then than it is now."


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