BLM Co-Founder Wants Royal Family Boycott, They Don't Value Black Lives

Black lives do NOT matter to the Royal Family … at least according to a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who is now calling for a royal boycott.

Opal Tometi, one of the originators of the BLM movement, tells TMZ … after hearing Meghan Markle‘s experience with racism within the Royal Family, people should no longer stand with the Royals or the monarchy.

Opal says Meghan and Prince Harry‘s admission to Oprah, that at least one member of the monarchy wanted to discriminate against their son Archie because of his skin color, makes it clear the Royal Family places virtually no value on Black lives … and thus, the masses should turn their backs on the Royals like at least one of them did to little Archie.

As you know … the entire globe has been left to guess who brought up the skin color concerns to Harry, and neither he nor Meghan is ratting them out. The Palace remains silent, though Oprah did offer … it wasn’t Prince Philip or the Queen.

Regardless of who it was, Opal says Meghan and Harry’s experience shows just how problematic the Royal Family has been for quite some time, and the world doesn’t need to have institutions that treat Black people as if they don’t matter.

Remember, Meghan also says things got so bad she contemplated suicide and went to human resources begging for professional help, but she got turned down flat.

Opal says Meghan’s experience is what all too often happens with Black people … they try to go through the proper channels to resolve problems, but then it turns out the issue is with the institution itself.

Eliminating racism from the Royal Family with a boycott won’t be so simple … but in any event, Opal says folks should start believing Black women when they speak up, because Meghan’s surely not the only one dealing with racism.

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