Bomani Jones Says He'll Likely Support Deion At Colorado, Despite Leaving JSU

Many people are beyond pissed at Deion Sanders for leaving Jackson State — but, Bomani Jones, despite what people think, isn’t one of ’em, … telling us he’s “not even really that upset” with Coach Prime’s move to the University of Colorado.

Bomani joined “TMZ Live” on Wednesday … to discuss the backlash he’s received for seemingly going in on Sanders after announcing he was bolting from JSU in favor of the Buffaloes.

“I don’t think that many people are really that upset at Deion,” Bomani said. “But, we are in a time where legitimate, honest criticism of a public figure somehow turns into hating or tearing this dude when all I’m saying is, ‘You said this one thing, then you did this thing.'”

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Jones admits that Sanders, who went 27-5 in three seasons and won back-to-back SWAC championships with the Tigers, accomplished a lot during his time at the JSU … but some folks are upset by his move because he overpromised and under-delivered.

“That is the cause for anger from a lot of people,” Bomani said. “It’s simply that he sold a bill of goods that he didn’t really deliver on. He did a lot while he was at Jackson, but this larger idea that he was doing this for someone else was wrong.”

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Bomani said he saw Prime’s decision to leave JSU coming a mile away … and that he wouldn’t have an issue with it had the former NFL superstar stated his intentions upfront, instead of leading people to believe that there was a bigger plan operating at hand.

“He was in this to get to the place where he is in,” Jones said. “Congratulations for getting there, but we don’t have to act like its more noble than it actually is. You have to reconcile what you said with ultimately what you did.”

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Despite the mixed reaction Deion has been facing, Bomani doesn’t believe that Black people will turn their backs on Sanders or root for him to fail at Colorado since he’s no longer coaching at a Historically Black College & University (HBCU).

“Black people are very forgiving people,” Jones said. “He’s in a position that very few of us get an opportunity to get into, and across the board, I think Black people will be supportive of him at Colorado ’cause once he’s there, it’s about something different.”

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