Boosie Badazz Doesn’t Mind His Sister Dating NBA YoungBoy After Flirty Interaction

The 20-year-old rapper hits on his fellow rapper’s sister during an Instagram Live session, making it clear that he wants to fly her from California to Atlanta.

AceShowbiz -Boosie Badazz doesn’t want to get involved in his sister’s business, especially when it comes to her relationship. The rapper, who’s also known as Lil Boosie, has recently been asked to give his two cents after NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again shot his shot at his sister on Instagram Live.

During the joint session, the two were engaged in a pretty lively conversation and at one point, YB made it clear that he wanted to fly her from California to Atlanta. The young rapper immediately grinned ear to ear when Boosie’s sister accepted his invitation. This, naturally, made a lot of people wonder how Boosie would feel.

Instead of scolding YB for going after his sister, Boosie apparently doesn’t mind at all. Holding his own Instagram Live, the “Nasty Nasty” rapper was reading viewers’ comments when he came across a message that read, “What you gotta say about YB flirting with your sister?” In response to the said viewer, Boosie simply said, “I don’t give a fuck. I don’t jump in front of no d**k.”

It’s worth mentioning that Boosie and YB are on good terms, with them preparing a joint album. Last February, Boosie told fans that the upcoming record is almost done. “I don’t drop mixtapes, man. Stop saying that s**t,” he responded to a fan asking if the project would be released as a mixtape. “We ain’t dropping no mixtape, it’s an album. I get paid off my music. I don’t drop mixtapes. I drop albums. I ain’t giving s**t away. We gon’ drop that b***h. We got about two, three more songs to do. I want to do about 13 songs. We got nine already.”

The new album will be a follow-up to their 2018 collaboration, “Southern Smoke”.

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