Boyfriend Arrested For Allegedly Beating Girlfriend To Death In Drunken Rage During Thanksgiving Vacation

A 26-year-old woman was beaten to a “bloody pulp” — allegedly by her boyfriend — while the two were on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation in Mexico.

Sativa Transue, who worked for a logistics and distribution company in Seattle, Washington, was found murdered in her hotel room at the All Ritmo Resort in Cancun by a maid on Saturday. She had been vacationing for Thanksgiving with her boyfriend of three years, Taylor Allen.

On Friday at 1 p.m., Sativa texted some friends that the couple had already had “7 shots and two Pina Coladas.” Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. She later informed her friends that she needed stitches after getting into a fight with her beau. According to her sister Mykayla Bolieu, Sativa was either too drunk to remember the altercation or was holding back information. She wrote on GoFundMe:

“Later Friday night Sativa sent texts to her friends. Her boyfriend and her at some point had gotten into an altercation and stitches were needed for Sativa. She couldn’t recall what happened.”

So scary!

Transue’s friends became increasingly worried when they could not get in touch with the 26-year-old after that, so they reached out to the police and the FBI. The next morning at 9 a.m., Sativa’s family received a call from Mexican authorities breaking the news she had been found dead. And her boyfriend had been arrested.

While it’s unclear when exactly the 31-year-old suspect was taken into custody, on Monday, Quintana Roo Police uploaded his mugshot online, in which he wears a hotel robe (inset). The young woman’s family is now desperately trying to make arrangements for her body to be flown back to the states, but it is currently being held in the country for further investigation.

While the couple had been together for a long time, Allen’s aggressive behavior was supposedly not a secret. Sativa previously told her friends that he had a violent “beast” within him, especially after he had a few drinks. It’s unclear what the duo was arguing about at the time of her death. Court records indicate that Allen was arrested for assault in 2012.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, the victim’s mother Jayme Bolieu reflected:

“I received a call from the Mexican consulate letting me know my daughter has passed away and that she’s been found dead.”

She emotionally added:

“How could my beautiful healthy daughter be gone? In another country? It took my breath away. A part of me died. She was my baby. I had her at 16. We grew up together. She was my life, my reason for living, my best friend.”

Jayme also revealed that her aunt went to Mexico to be the family’s representative because she could not bear to look at her daughter’s body, explaining:

“My aunt is down there now and has seen the pictures and said she looked like she was beaten to death.”

Horrifyingly, she described the body as looking like it was beaten to a “bloody pulp.” The momma also alleged that Taylor was “very emotionally abusive” to his girlfriend — so much so that the family couldn’t even text her because he had access to messages via her phone and computer.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post on Saturday, Mykayla shared:

“Unfortunately we got the call around 9 am that she passed. We know last we heard her boyfriend is in jail in Mexico, and I hope he gets what he deserves. We know that we want justice for our sweet Sativa, and we are taking the steps to get answers. I know that my sister will never get to be the maid of honor at my wedding someday. I know that she’ll never get her own wedding. I know that I’ll never hear that contagious laugh again. I know that my sister was taken from us too soon.”

On Wednesday, she opened up again about the pain of losing her loved one as well as indicating the charges Taylor now faces, writing:

“These will never get easier. But Sativa absolutely would’ve wanted her story out there, even if it just helps save one girl. I will never stop being her voice.

Taylor Allen has been charged with Femicide and is now in Mexican prison awaiting a hearing for his sentence. His lawyer is having my sister’s body and belongings held for 3 more days.”

Femicide is described as a sex-based hate crime, in which someone intentionally kills women or girls because they are female. If convicted, Taylor could be looking at 40 to 60 years in prison. Wow!

The US State Department has insisted they are working closely with the family to provide “all appropriate consular assistance” as the “local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death” continues. A celebration of Sativa’s life will be held in Spokane on December 11. The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring her “remains home.” You can donate HERE.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence, please reach out to The Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233).

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