Brad Pitt Spent His 55th Birthday Hosting A Sleepover With Some Of His Children

You know who’s a really great father and super nice guy who’s just basically awesome? William Bradley Pitt. He really is the best. Hey, hey, hey, eyes over here! Focus! Brad’s practically never even been to New Orleans. He’s nothing but a devoted father who recently had “several” of his kids over to his house for a fun sleepover to celebrate his birthday! Does that sound like a guy who would be involved in any shady goings-on? Not on your life!

According to People, everybody simply adores rad dad Brad!  And somebody thought we’d like to know all about the great time everybody had (ok, almost everybody) sleeping at rad dad’s place!

A source tells PEOPLE that several of the actor’s kids slept over at his house in Los Angeles the night before his 55th birthday on Tuesday.

I wonder if Brad makes popcorn? I just bet he does, extra butter! He’s so cool. Which kids specifically were there and was it a court mandated visit? We don’t know. But who cares!? Isn’t it just great that some of Brad’s kids slept at his place? It’s totally normal that children spending the night at their dad’s house is newsworthy if you consider the fact that they could have not slept at his house and just come over to eat cake or something. This means things are going well and nothing untoward regarding custody or child welfare is relevant. And that’s not the only thing that proves Brad is the best kind of person. Listen to this!

The fun visit comes amid a successful time for Pitt, who recently wrapped production on the Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brad really is living the dream right now. It’s so great what’s happening to him. This year has really been the best. Hey, hey, hey, eyes back here! There’s more excellent news!

Pitt’s production company Plan B is also racking up awards nominations. The Pitt-produced Vice, If Beale Street Could Talk and Beautiful Boy have all earned nods in various categories for the upcoming Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, with Vice leading all nominations at the Globes.

Can you believe it!? It would be criminally negligent to ignore these glorious facts and instead focus on that ridiculous lawsuit. Brad’s making it, right here in Hollywood! Unbelievable, isn’t it?


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