Britney Spears' performing days may be over, more news

Shunning the stage

Have we seen the end of Britney Spears as a performer? The answer may be yes. Despite big changes in her life of late, the pop star has no plans to get back on stage, TMZ reported on Oct. 2. In fact, some people in her camp believe she may never perform again, as that’s apparently been her mindset for a while. Fans will remember that Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, resigned in July because he claimed Brit was retiring. For now, Britney just wants to enjoy her recent engagement and the fact that her dad, Jamie Spears, no longer controls her conservatorship. Performing just isn’t a priority, the report states. 

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Sweet tribute

Happy wife, happy life! Mark Consuelos is showering his wife with sweetness for her 51st birthday. On Oct. 2, the “Riverdale” star posted a series of photos with his wife of 25 years, writing, “Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, confidant. My dance partner in life..My forever girl.” The couple also celebrated her birthday on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” after Mark surprised her on set with a cake. “For all the important days we’ve missed being together over many years, I’m so grateful to spend this special day with you,” he said on Instagram. “I love you, Happy Birthday amore’, M.” Awwwww! 

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Defending his daughter

Ice-T is brushing off criticism in regards to his 5-year-old daughter Chanel’s acrylic nails. Last month, the rapper’s wife Coco Austin showed off Chanel’s fake nails ahead of school picture day last month, and the social media police came hard… not that any of that mattered to the Body Count singer. “Rule one on the internet: Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the internet,” the Law & Order: SVU star said on “The View.” “Worry about the people that walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people you should be concerned with. The internet is the world. It’s the world talking, so I don’t pay attention.” Ice and Coco have been skewered of late for acknowledging that Chanel still breastfeeds. “Everybody parents differently,” he said, adding, “every house has its own constitution.” 

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Taryn Manning and Anne Cline’s engagement was over in a blink. The couple reportedly split up just two months after Anne popped the question. TMZ reported on Oct. 2, that the women broke up in late August. In fact, it seems that Taryn wasn’t even sure of the romance when she said yes. Citing a source, TMZ said, the “Orange Is The New Black” actress “only said yes at the time because Anne put her on the spot … and after being engaged it just was not the right relationship for her, so she ended it.” Taryn is already dating someone new.

Uncle update

Alyssa Milano’s uncle needs open heart surgery after his near-fatal car accident. In August, the actress’ uncle suffered a heart attack while driving his car on a Los Angeles freeway. Alyssa was in the car when the incident occurred and performed CPR on her uncle. He was on life support in the following days. “He’s doing well. I mean, he has a long road of recovery. He probably needs open heart surgery,” the “Who’s The Boss” star told Entertainment Tonight this week. “He’s out of the hospital, he’s home, he has care and they’re trying to build up his strength to get open heart surgery. So that’s kind of where we are now.” As for how Alyssa is coping, as the two are very close, she feels like she’s handling it well. “Whereas if you would’ve told me years ago, ‘You’re gonna get into a really bad accident. You’re gonna have to save this person’s life and it’s gonna be really scary.’ I would’ve told you, I don’t know if I could get through that,” she said. “But it’s true what they say about having this superhuman strength when it comes, when you need it, and this fight or flight thing that I was definitely in for a few days after too.”

Takeover act?

The Wendy Williams Show has a prime time slot, but Nick Cannon may soon own it. According to the New York Post, Nick and his new self-titled talk show is the likely candidate to take over if Wendy doesn’t return to her show. “The executives have been talking,” said a source. “They are keeping a close eye on [Wendy’s] recovery and hoping for the best. But they have pushed back [her] show premiere several times so they are already thinking of a backup plan,” a source close to the show said. In September, Wendy was taken to the hospital for a mental health check. She was initially supposed to return to her show in Sept. 18, but that was moved to Oct. 4, which was then moved to Oct. 18. “It would not be a far stretch for Nick to take her time slot… Debmar-Mercury [which produces both shows] is really pushing to make Nick Cannon’s show a huge success,” the source said. “He already has a major platform, and a huge fanbase, so it is an easy win. So, if Wendy’s show ends up being a no-go, their backup plan is already set.”

Departure details

Cynthia Bailey is opening up about her decision to leave “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” saying it was simply time to go. “Ten years is a good run,” she told E!’s Daily Pop, “but that said, with me just thinking about it, then the whole thing happened with us going on hiatus so it gave me more time to think about it and then I got really used to not going back.” Cynthia first joined the show in its third season and had been a staple since. “I’m happy but I’m also sad at the same time,” she said. “It’s almost like, ‘What in the world, how did I do this for 11 years?'” Cynthia almost continued as a “friend,” as opposed to a full timer, but ultimately said no. “I decided, you know what, cut the cord,” she said.   

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