Capitol Rioter Wearing 'Camp Auschwitz' Hoodie Arrested, Released Without Bond

11:16 AM PT — Packer has been released on his own recognizance following his arrest by the FBI. Although he was not required to pay a bond, he was ordered to stay away from Washington. He’s scheduled to attend a virtual hearing in a D.C. court later this month.

The guy who authorities say was the one wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” hoodie during the Capitol riots has been arrested … TMZ has confirmed

Robert Keith Packer was busted Wednesday morning in Newport News, VA and he’s been charged with knowingly entering restricted grounds and disorderly conduct. He’d already drawn outrage for his hoodie, flippantly referencing the Nazi concentration camp where more than 1 million Jews were killed during World War II.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough … the back of the hoodie also had the word “Staff” emblazoned on it. The bottom of his hoodie had the words, “Work brings freedom” … a rough translation of “Arbeit macht frei” … words inscribed on the concentration camp gates.

This apparently is not the first time Packer’s run into trouble with the law. According to CNN, Packer’s criminal history includes 3 convictions for driving under the influence and a felony conviction for forging public records.

The authorities say Parker was among hundreds who stormed the Capitol in a failed coup last week.

Originally published — 9:19 AM PT

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