Cardi B Admits She Gets Why Celebs ‘Want To Die’ Sometimes In Heated Rant: ‘Y’all Drive People Crazy’

Step aside, haters! Cardi B went off on people who are judgmental about celebrities in an Instagram rant, and admitted she finally understands why stars are so prone to depression and drug use. Watch here.

Cardi B and her publicist were involved in a bit of an altercation in Australia earlier this week, and it led to the rapper taking to Instagram to send haters a message in a heated rant on Dec. 30. The incident went down in the airport, when Cardi didn’t stop to take photos with fans. One person did not take too kindly to that, and told her, “No wonder your husband won’t stay with you.” Cardi kept walking, but her publicist came to her defense and went off on the woman who made the hateful comment. Cardi’s publicist was slammed for her reaction, and Cardi was NOT having it, so she made sure to defend her longtime publicist and close friend’s honor to kick off a series of four videos.

Once the 26-year-old got going, she found she had a lot more on her mind, too. “Sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m a celebrity because the standards and the way you expect all these celebrities to act — that’s not me motherf***er,” she said. “I don’t like that, I don’t act like that. I am just doing my motherf***ing job. I’m just getting my coins. I don’t give a f*** about none of this bulls***, bro. Stop telling me to act like this person, I’m going to handle this s*** how I handle it. I’ve been acting like this, I’ve been this way, my whole motherf***ing entire life.”

She then went on to recall a time before she was famous, and explained how it confused her when celebrities getting into drugs, becoming depressed and wanting to die. “I used to think to myself…why do you want to die?” she admitted. ” I don’t get it. You have money, you have fame. B***h, I’m broke. I want to die!”

Now that she’s experienced the lifestyle herself, though, she sees things differently. “Now I get it, though,” she continued. “Because people will drive you motherf***ers crazy. You all really drive people crazy. You judge people, you make rumors about f***ing people, you all feel like you can say anything to people. Doom if you do, doom if you don’t. And I’m going to let you motherf***ers know — I’m going to express myself. I’m not going to keep this s*** bottled inside.”

To conclude, Cardi anticipated what the haters would say in response to this, and clapped back before they had the chance. “Before all you motherf***ers be like — oh, if you can’t handle fame, get out then….well, b****….you can’t handle being in your motherf***ing job for motherf***ing eight hours straight standing up, right?!” she asked. “But you still do it, right b****?! OKAY!? Go to sleep!”

This rant comes as Cardi has been making major headlines for her personal life. Earlier this month, the rapper and her husband, Offset, broke up, and he’s been trying to win her back ever since. They even spent time in Puerto Rico together, although she admitted it was just for sex. News about their relationship has been making major headlines, which is what the incident in the Australia airport stemmed from. There’s no shortage of drama here, that’s for sure!

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