Cardi B Finally Reveals Why She And Offset Traveled To Puerto Rico

Cardi B and Offset have been on an emotional rollercoaster over the past month. In a matter of days, Cardi and Offset have split over a cheating scandal, danced around divorce, and reconciled, and the entire situation has left fans reeling. A couple of days ago, Cardi and Offset turned heads when it was reported that they traveled to Puerto Rico together just days after Cardi publically rejected Offset when he interrupted her concert with a public apology. Needless to say, the abrupt changes have left many fans frustrated while others are scratching their heads. Now, Cardi is shocking fans yet again.

According to Hollywood Life, Cardi B has reportedly revealed why she chose to take the trip to Puerto Rico with Offset in the first place. The reason for the clandestine getaway has angered quite a few of her female fans. Earlier today, Cardi took to Instagram to publicly announce she’d just had sex with the Migos rapper. In an Instagram Live video, Cardi vividly described what happened in Puerto Rico.

But despite the heightened backlash, those close to Cardi and Offset are glad they’re trying to reconcile their marriage. “Cardi’s inner circle is happy that she has softened towards Offset,” an insider said.

“The hope among Cardi’s team is that this reunion will stick. Everyone knows how much Cardi and Offset love each other, no one wants them to divorce.”

Although they’ve reportedly had a romantic time in Puerto Rico, the insider admitted their future together remains unclear. There is speculation Cardi could have reacted impulsively simply because she missed Offset. It has also been revealed that Cardi actually felt sorry for Offset because he’d gone to great lengths to apologize repeatedly.

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“Cardi could not stay away from Offset,” another insider said.

“They have undeniable chemistry and she really missed him a lot. Offset has been calling, texting and hitting Cardi up constantly, all day, everyday, begging for her to take him back. She felt bad that he was trying so hard, asking for forgiveness. But things are still very much in limbo. While it feels good for Cardi to be back in his arms, for the holiday with her small family together, Cardi has not made any major decisions to take him back for good.”

While many fans congratulated Cardi and Offset after they announced their marriage, many raised concerns about whether or not Offset could remain faithful since he reportedly cheated just weeks before tying the knot. At this point, Cardi and Offset’s relationship status remains unclear but it looks like they will likely give love another chance.

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