Cierra Ramirez Is Teasing More Info About Her Upcoming Album!

Cierra Ramirez is spilling some more details on her new music!

The Good Trouble actress made an appearance on Build Series and talked all about the music she’s been working, including that there are more music videos “coming soon.”

“This stuff that I’m putting out right now is completely different, unlike anything you’ve ever heard from me. A lot more personal. I do play with genres, which is really fun. You’ll kind of get a little taste of everything,” she said. “The songs and the lyrics, they’re themselves, they do kind of tell a story for sure. They’re all very, very within in the same lane. I’m really, really excited for people to hear.”

Cierra also teased that there will be more Spanglish lyrics, and possibly (wink, wink) more features!
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