Colton Underwood’s Coming Out Reportedly Sparks Talks of a Gay Season of ‘The Bachelor’ Among Producers

The long-discussed gay edition of The Bachelor could be coming soon!

After former Bachelor star Colton Underwood came out as gay to much public support in an interview on Wednesday (April 14), producers might just take the opportunity to retool the hit series.

Production sources from the show tell TMZ that Colton‘s been getting a lot of support, and “a number of producers” were moved by the announcement, resulting in informal talks over the last few days about a gay season of The Bachelor.

“Our sources say the bigwigs on the show haven’t weighed in and there has been no formal discussion, but creative ideas for TV shows typically begin with shop talk among producers and other staff, and that’s happening now,” TMZ reported.

It’s not yet known if Colton would be interested in participating in another season, but many people on the staff are reportedly very supportive of his decision to come out.

He is also no longer under contract with The Bachelor, and the interview was his own doing. However, TMZ reports that Colton called producers to let them know that the interview was happening one night before.

At the same time, it’s been confirmed that Colton is already doing another show to document his coming out journey.

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