Constance Nunes Flaunts Her Bikini Figure In Summer Throwback Snap On Instagram

Constance Nunes of Netflix’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches is looking back to warmer times from last summer in the latest photo she has shared to her Instagram page. This particular shot is quickly becoming a favorite of the star’s followers both for the sexy shot itself and for the vehicle featured in the snapshot.

The photo that Constance Nunes shared on Instagram Thursday afternoon shows her in a bikini top and short shorts leaning on her “Baby Buggy.” The Netflix star said that she was looking back to when she could drive the stunning vehicle with just a bikini top on. Now, Nunes said, she needs at least two jackets on to drive it during this time of year.

The picture shows Constance with one leg in the buggy and one on the ground next to the car and she’s sitting on the edge of the car. She has one hand pulling back her ponytail and the other sitting on the top of the windshield, and she has her eyes closed as she leans her head back.

The short denim shorts that Nunes is wearing show off her trim legs and the denim bikini top perfectly contains her ample cleavage and highlights her slim waist. Other than some plain white sneakers and a few pieces of subtle jewelry, Constance kept additional embellishments to a minimum.

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#TBT to summer time when i could drive the #babybuggy in a bikini top….now its a 2 jacket minimum ???? #constancenunes #carsbyconstance

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Last August, Nunes did share a similar photo that featured her in a slightly different pose. At the time she noted how hot it was as the day shifted into evening and she was again wearing the denim bikini top and short shorts.

Nunes, who is a professional model as well as an impressive mechanic, has more than 258,000 people following her on Instagram now. In just the first 45 minutes that the latest post was up on the social media site, more than 8,000 people had liked it and were buzzing over both Constance’s sexy figure and the vehicle.

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7:30pm and it’s still 95 degrees out….how’s the temp where you guys are at? #constancenunes #carsbyconstance #Babybuggy

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As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Nunes is sincerely passionate about muscle cars and her fans are familiar with “Baby Stang,” the Mustang she restored herself. Constance has also opened up about loving drag races, monster truck rallies, and dates that include trucks, beer, and burgers. When asked about the type of guy she’s attracted to, she says that the right guy for her will be someone who finds her weird sense of humor appealing.

Netflix’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches debuted last September and seems to be a solid hit for the streaming service. Constance Nunes has been generating a lot of buzz and it’s clear that her Instagram followers love the mix she creates by highlighting both her bombshell beauty and her impressive cars.

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