Danielle Panabaker Says Grant Gustin Had Fun With Comedy In Tonight’s ‘The Flash’

Danielle Panabaker pulls double duty on The Flash tonight as she directed the episode!

The 32-year-old actress recently opened up about co-star Grant Gustin getting to do some comedy.

Grant‘s so incredibly talented and, particularly this season as they’re preparing for Crisis, we haven’t gotten to see a ton of levity from him,” she said, via TV Guide. “And so to really give him the opportunity… to really lean into the comedy there was, I think, fun for him. There were some stunts that I had not intended for him to do and he got on stage and he was like, ‘Well, can I do that?’ And I was like, ‘That’s not up to me!’ So you know, I think he was really enjoying himself.”

Showrunner Eric Wallace also dished on her directing skills.

“She is a terrific director, and I can say that with confidence because I saw her in action. She was so prepared. She knew exactly what she was doing; shot construction, working with the DP, working with the actors, having things cut in her head,’ he said. “I would be not surprised at all to see her directing many more episodes of the show. She just did a terrific job, and I’m super happy.”

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