Danniella Westbrook returns to Jeremy Kyle as she leaves rehab ‘fixed from the inside out’

Danniella Westbrook’s recent horrific ordeal has taken a set of positive turns.

Only a few of months ago, the 45-year-old had checked back into rehab in a last attempt to overcome her drug addiction.

And to top it off, she was also rushed to hospital after she suffered complications from her ovarian cancer op.

Luckily back in April, the former EastEnders actress announced she was given the all clear from cancer and now she has shared her exciting news that she has left rehab.

Thanking her pal Jeremy Kyle for putting her through the treatment, she shared a heartfelt message with her 234,000 Twitter followers.

Opening up, she wrote: “Just wanna say thanks Jeremy Kyle and the Perry Clayman Project for the love, support and patience.

“I’m fixed from the inside out, on the way home to PCP, missed my PCP peers and my home groups the last two days.”

Danniella admitted on The Jeremy Kyle Show earlier this year that she still was suffering from a bad cocaine habit.

Kyle made a huge decision to attempt to change her life, and said: “I tell you what, there is something I want to do for this girl.

“This is completely unplanned… I want to send you to rehab right now.”

Worried about the star, he said: “I want to do what we do with every other person on this show. I want to give you an opportunity.

“You will end up killing yourself.”

A pleased Ms Westbrook responded: “I’d love to go… I won’t do a runner… I promise, one hundred percent.”

Speaking out on Loose Women last year, the star shared that people believed the lowest point in her life was when she was seen with a hole in her nose.

However, she revealed the last four years have been her worst as a result of not having her daughter in her life.

The blonde bombshell is set to return to the show, aired on Tuesday, in a post-recovery interview.

The Jeremy Kyle Show announced the news on the official Twitter page, revealing: “It was great having Danniella Westbrook back in the studio, you can watch the interview on Tuesday in another brand new show!”

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