David Beckham builds Lego with Romeo as they chill indoors amid lockdown

David Beckham has been killing time in coronavirus lockdown by building Lego sculptures with his son, Romeo. 

Victoria Beckham shared a video of the father son activity, showing how the Beckhams are spending their time stuck in the house. 

She filmed Romeo setting up to build a London bus out of the bricks, telling her followers: ‘It’s started, we’re feeling patriotic, they’re building a London bus. How long is this going to take, Romeo?’ 

Romeo replied with an optimistic: ’10 minutes.’

Victoria then shared the creation David was about to embark on – a Harry Potter themed set of a Hogwarts arrival carriage. 

She told her followers: ‘So David is building some Lego for Harper, he’s joined the Lego table. Romeo is building a London bus, David is building this, think it should be OK.’

VB has been keeping her followers up to date as the family spends time together in the house, and she shared that their pets were also feeling anxious. 

Posting a photo with her dog, Victoria told her followers: ‘Even our pets feel unsettled x Let’s take the time to show them love too x We love u Fig xxx What are u doing to make ur pets feel loved?’

She also shared a throwback photo from her Spice Girls days of her sat at a retro computer to let her followers know her team were working from home. 

Victoria wrote: ‘#TeamVB is WFH. And for those of us with kids we are also all working around a classroom schedule. Keep smiling! For as long as this is our new normal we will make it positive x (All technology accepted!!!!!) xxxx VB.’

The UK was put into lockdown on Monday, with the public being banned from leaving their houses except for trips to buy essentials including food and medicine, as well as one form of daily exercise, medical visits and key workers who are allowed to travel to and from work. 

Coronavirus UK lockdown: key points

The key points of Boris Johnson’s historic address are as follows:

  • Britain ordered into coronavirus lockdown except for shopping and exercise
  • The NHS will not be able to handle coronavirus if too many people become seriously unwell
  • Police will be able to issue fines to people not obeying lockdown measures
  • Shops, churches and playgrounds to close
  • Weddings and christenings banned
  • Gatherings of more than two now forbidden

Read Boris Johnson’s speech in full


The restrictions are in place for three weeks as an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus, which can be deadly. 

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