Denise van Outen says she’s still suffering from horror Dancing On Ice injury months after quitting: ‘It’s a slow process’

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We’ve seen a lot of Denise van Outen on our screens recently, thanks to her appearances on The Celebrity Circle, Gogglebox and, of course, her ill-fated stint on Dancing On Ice.

But the TV presenter admits that she often finds herself questioning her own successes and experiencing imposter syndrome. “You sort of think, ‘Do I deserve this? How did I get it? Am I good enough?’” she says.

Denise – who has an 11-year-old daughter, Betsy, with her ex-husband, West End star Lee Mead – has been happily dating Eddie Boxshall for the last seven years.

Despite their plans to walk down the aisle later this year, Denise recently let slip that Eddie, 46, never actually proposed!

“There’s never been an engagement, we just said we would like to get married,” she said. “We’re like a married couple anyway.”

Here, the 46-year- old star talks to new about feeling lucky during lockdown and counting down the days until she can perform on stage again…

Hi, Denise! How have you been? Did you struggle during lockdown?

I actually found lockdown alright, because I was lucky enough to be busy working. With Gogglebox, The Circle and Dancing On Ice, I kept busy and did relatively OK. I felt I had a purpose every day with my Dancing On Ice training. So I made a conscious effort to check in on my other friends who weren’t as lucky as me. I’ve got a lot of friends in theatre who haven’t been working.

That must have been hard…

I felt like that was my duty to be a support to them, because it’s been really hard for people. When you’re a performer and you have your wings clipped, it’s horrible, because that’s what makes you tick. Performers need an outlet. It’s going to be amazing to have theatres and pubs, restaurants and cinemas open again, and for people to actually be able to go out and really enjoy themselves.

Are you fully recovered from your Dancing On Ice injuries?

I’m still having physio. I did break my bones and they have healed. But I’ve still got some muscle tearing and muscle damage. Annoyingly, muscles take longer to repair than bones. It’s a bit of a slow process and it’s a case of doing all my exercises.

Do you and Eddie have date nights at home?

Every night feels like a date night with Eddie, because we’re together all the time. We eat together and go on a lot of long walks and bike rides.

A lot of people in this industry suffer from imposter syndrome. Have you ever felt it?

I think you always feel a bit like you’re not good enough. If something good happens in life, you think, “Do I deserve this? How did I get it?” There’s always an element of that. I know I’m guilty of it on occasions. I think all performers have it in their DNA. And, in fact, the ones who don’t have that are generally the ones who are so full of themselves that they’re not very nice people.

How do you cope with toxicity on social media?

I take everything with a pinch of salt. If someone says something that’s not particularly nice to me, I just block them immediately and move on from it. I’ve learned that the opinion of someone I’ve never even met doesn’t count.

Would you ever want to go on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!?

I have been asked before and think it would be a really fun thing to do. I’m 47 this year, so maybe to mark my 50th…

You must be excited about getting back on stage with the Cabaret All Stars show…

Honestly, I can’t wait until I’m standing on that stage with my mic, my dancers and hearing that loud music again! That’s all I’m looking forward to at the moment. I’m just itching to get back on stage. Cabaret is a brilliant night out. I’ll probably shed a little tear, it will make me quite emotional!

Denise will be starring in Cabaret All Stars at Proud Embankment from 28 May. For more information and to book, visit

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