Derick Dillard Gets Roasted For Bringing Dinner Home To His Wife Jill Duggar

Derick Dillard seems to have gotten himself into trouble yet again. What has he done this time? He brought dinner home to his wife, Jill Duggar Dillard, after she had been with sick kids all day. It doesn’t seem to take much to get people riled up when it comes to the former TLC star.

Jill uses her Instagram to frequently post quite a few photos and videos throughout the week. Most of them are mainly about food, her two boys, and gushing over her husband. She shared a snapshot on Friday showing off Derick’s latest nice gesture, but some of the comments made slammed him for it. The Duggar daughter apparently spent her day with sick kids. It sounds like both Israel and Samuel are down with something which kept her busy.

While she was tending to the boys all day, Derick Dillard most likely spent the day in class at law school. He must have found out that his kids were sick and decided to bring dinner home so his wife wouldn’t have to worry about cooking. Jill was thrilled by what he did as she expressed her gratefulness to her hubby.

“When the kids are sick and your hubby picks up date night dinner on the way home. @derickdillard you’re the best! #lovemyhubby.”

The photo shows the table set nicely with a bunch of sushi sitting on their plates. That seems to be their favorite date night dinner as has been seen in previous photos that the mom-of-two has shared. There is even a little candlelight to add to the romantic effect. While many Duggar fans thought that this was so sweet and thoughtful for Derick to bring dinner home, others thought that this wasn’t so special after all.

One person asked if that was the “bare minimum” that he could do. They said that he should be doing so much more like washing the dishes or helping with the kids. Fans pointed out that he may have done that in addition to the dinner.

It does look like Derick does his share of the housework, at least a little bit, as Jill had previously shared how much she appreciates him helping her keep the house clean. She even has pictures to prove it. However, he got into trouble that time, too.

Although a new season of Counting On will begin on February 11, Jill and Derick Dillard still won’t be a part of the show since he was supposedly fired by TLC over his controversial comments about Jazz Jennings. But they are still very active on social media where you can keep up to date on their growing family.

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