Dianne Buswell admits she ‘never thought’ she’d find love with Strictly boyfriend Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg tells Dianne Buswell ‘get out’ during music game

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Dianne Buswell opened up about her relationship with boyfriend of four years Joe Sugg in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk. The Strictly Come Dancing star admitted she “never imagined” she would find love in a celebrity partner on the show. 

Dianne, 33, met Joe, 30, in 2018, when the pair were partnered up together for the sixteenth series of Strictly.

The Youtuber and Australian dancer made it all the way to the final, before losing out to Stacey Dooley and her partner Kevin Clifton – who also ended up together.

Speaking to Express.co.uk after setting a new Guinness world record for furthest distance danced by a couple with professional partner Pasquale La Rocca, Dianne reflected on her romance with Joe.

Asked if she ever thought she’d ever find love with a celebrity partner on the show, she replied: “I never did, no.

“And I feel like all the stars aligned with Joe because we’re just literally such similar people in so many ways. 

“We’re very different in ways too, but just our personalities just click so, so well. 

“I always think it’s so weird how we met and I feel like everything was just aligned in the right place, right time for both of us. It was pretty special.”

Dianne and Joe received a lot of media attention when their relationship went public, with plenty of fans still invested in their blossoming romance. 

Reflecting on the beginnings of their relationship, Dianne admitted: “I think maybe at first it was a bit like, ‘Oh, gosh, okay, so everyone’s so into this’. 

“But now it’s so normal for us. You know, it’s been almost four years I think? Now you kind of forget about all that. 

“At first, yeah, definitely. Everyone was really invested in the relationship, but it’s sort of quite nice now – it’s died down a lot and I don’t really take much notice of that stuff anymore. 

“But, like I say, it has been almost four years, which is amazing. I mean it’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s gone so fast!”

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Dianne went on to reveal that she and Joe still dance together, although his memory of the moves is a bit rusty.

“He loves dancing,” she mused. “And you know, when we’re at home and a nice song comes on the radio or something, I definitely go like, ‘Oh do you remember this Joe – that song that we danced to on the show?’ 

“And Joe will be like, ‘I can’t remember any of that now,’ but then I’ll reenact the whole dance and he’ll be like, ‘How do you do that?’ So yeah, we still do have a joke around.”

Dianne also spoke about how easy it was integrating their friends and family members, as they appear to all get on like a house on fire. 

“I’ve met all of Joe’s YouTuber friends and we all get on really, really well,” she said.

“He gets to hang around my friends and I get to hang with his -it’s really cool.”

Speaking about smashing a world record shortly ahead of her return to Strictly this Autumn, Dianne revealed: “It was really fun, actually. I thought it would be harder than it was. Two hours and 15 minutes of non-stop dancing – it’s something I can tick off my bucket list!”

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