Did Prince William Ignore Meghan Markle at Christmas Day Church Service? See the Video

AceShowbiz -It was rumored that Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Kate Middleton had put their differences aside when they attended church service on Christmas day alongside Prince Harry, Prince William and other British royal family members. While the Duchess seemed pretty much friendly during the occasion, it is now said that Prince William was giving Meghan a cold shoulder.

In a video that circulated online, it could be seen that the Duke of Cambridge and husband of Kate was allegedly ignoring Meghan. The pregnant royal was seen turning to have a quick chat with the future King. However, he didn’t even spare his sister-in-law an eye contact. Instead, the father of three was busing fixing his scarf.

“The hell William is doing?” a fan tweeted. Another wondered the same, “Lmao.. What on earth is he doing,” to which another user responded, “That’s what Meghan is wondering too.”

Another fan, meanwhile, felt that William reminded her to when she was “tryna look busy” so she “won’t have to talk to anybody.”

However, some fans refused to fall for the narration. “Meghan was looking around to see who was behind her. His scarf may have been itchy and was bothering him. He may have told the other about it so that is why she looked around to check. I think your reading too much into this. Much like my dad does with sister-in-law,” a Twitter user said.

One other urged people to stop spreading negative stories about Meghan and stop reading too much into things. “I think it is so sad that ever since Meghan wedded Harry there has been so much negative talk about her. I just wonder WHY? Are people just that jealous of her. Now everybody is living with them and know what is going on everyday. This picture does not show an issue either. STOP!” the fan said.

Despite all the rumors surrounding the Fab Four, a fan who waited for them outside of St. Mary Magdalene, where the royal family went for the service, confirmed that Meghan and Kate seemed to be getting along just fine during the service. They were seen sharing a joke and talking to each other. At one point, the expectant Duchess of Sussex was even seen putting her hand on Kate’s back as the former actress leaned in for a friendly chat.

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