Dolly Parton's Great Skin Is Thanks to Avoiding This Trendy Ritual

Dolly Parton is the queen of country music, a distinction she doesn’t take lightly. The singer-songwriter has been in the spotlight since the ’60s when she released her debut album, Hello, I’m Dolly. Parton has curated dozens of hit songs, many of which have entered the pop culture lexicon, including “Jolene” and “9 to 5.” These days, Dolly Parton is still going strong, working hard while looking great at 76. And recently, she opened up about how she keeps her skin looking smooth and flawless. 

Entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and beauty icon

Dolly Parton wears many hats in her life. From managing her music career and taking time to curate experiences at her bespoke theme park to lending her time and effort to the many charitable organizations that she works with, Parton stays busy. Rising to fame from humble beginnings, Parton has never lost her affection for her home state of Tennessee.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Parton is known far and wide as a beauty icon. Her signature blonde hair and her buxom figure have made her a pop culture talking point, and throughout the years, Parton has opened up many times about her affinity for bold beauty looks. In a recent interview, Parton spoke out about how she maintains her youthful good looks and clear, healthy skin. 

Dolly Parton saves her skin by staying out of the sun

In a recent interview with Insider, Parton discusses one ritual she avoids: tanning.

“I never got out in the sun. I don’t have a lot of the same problems that women my age do ’cause I never baked myself in the sun. I would’ve if I’d been able to tan, but I couldn’t, so now I’m glad!”

While many women opt for baking in tanning beds or basking in the sun’s natural rays, experts don’t recommend it. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that tanning is dangerous — damaging your skin cells and leading to early signs of aging and even skin cancer. In fact, one in five Americans is estimated to develop skin cancer by age 70.

Parton’s tendency to stay out of the sun has likely helped her skin remain beautiful. 

Dolly Parton reveals her other beauty secrets

Though you’ll never find Parton in a tanning salon, the singer has a few go-to beauty secrets. She tells Insider she’s not averse to trying products from all brands, as long as they’re not too expensive.

“I don’t think you have to pay a ton of money to have good products. Most of the products that cost less are just as good and sometimes better than the ones that cost a fortune. I don’t buy for fame. I just buy the ones that work for me.”

Parton also says she likes to get an early start to the day, and part of her beauty routine is to wake up at 3 a.m. every day.

“I do some of my best work there, but I get enough sleep,” she says, noting that a tendency to wake up early is a “Parton family trait.”

Whatever her secret is, Parton’s good looks come from a blend of things, including hard work and happiness.

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