Donald Trump Brutally Mocked For Terrible Advice On Putting Out Notre Dame Fire: ‘Are You High?’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Apr. 15 to speak out about the devastating Notre Dame Cathedral fire and gave advice on how to put it out quickly, but Twitter users weren’t having it.

President Donald Trump, 72, suggested using “flying water tankers” to put out the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in a viral tweet on Apr. 15, and it didn’t take long for many of his followers to mock his words with various memes and other responses. “So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!” Donald’s tweet read.

“‘must act quickly!’ fireman donnie is on the way,” one Twitter response to him read, along with a picture of an excited looking Donald holding onto a steering wheel of what appears to be a fire truck. “You might want to leave this one to the professionals, pal,” another response read. “If you have nothing sensible to say, don’t say anything,” a third tweet read while another user couldn’t help but write, “Flying water tankers? Are you high?” Others compared Donald’s words about the fire to former President Barack Obama‘s words, and advised him to pay attention to what a “real president” says.

News quickly spread about the terrible fire at the historic cathedral, which is believed to have been caused by renovations, in the early morning hours of Apr. 15. Since then, firefighters in Paris have been working hard to try and put out the flames but it’s proved to be a tough process and onlookers around the world have expressed their sadness over seeing the 856-year-old building burn to the ground. In addition to Donald and Barack, numerous celebrities and Parisians have spoken out on social media about the incident, but as always, Donald’s tweet was one of the only ones mocked.

We’re sending our healing thoughts to all those affected by the fire and hope comfort can be found in this time of sadness.

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