Dr. Phil Says Quarantine Stress Has Serious Effects, Offers Simple Cure

Dr. Phil has a few home remedies for pandemic-related stress building up in your body under quarantine — they’re simple and not all that time consuming.

Phil says the first thing ya gotta do is acknowledge life is pretty messed up and stressful right now — then, make a daily conscious effort to deal with it.

The good news from the good doc — who joined us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” — is you just need a very basic exercise — 10 seconds of tensing up, 10 seconds of relaxation. Watch the vid, Phil does a tutorial.

He also recommends breathing in for 3 seconds and exhaling for 6 to release tension and relieve physical stress.

Seems almost too simple, but Phil told us the mental stress that comes from self-isolation is a very real, and potentially debilitating, thing — so take time to relax and breathe.

Oh, and when your mind starts racing … make sure you’re thinking about the right kinda stuff. Phil’s got a checklist to keep you on the right path.

And, remember, when this crisis is all said and done … Dr. Phil has a pretty good idea of how we’ll all put our stress in the rearview mirror.

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