Duchess Kate wore a $1788 Miu Miu cardigan in the ‘Royal Carols’ promo

The Duchess of Cambridge appears in a tiny little promo for “her” Christmas special, Royal Carols: Together at Christmas. While ITV clearly sent out the promo commercial, I checked on ITV’s social media accounts and their YouTube channel and I could not find this anywhere other than royal reporters’ Twitter feeds. I realize that British channels don’t operate the same way an American network would, but… you would think if ITV really wanted people to see their prestigious royal Christmas programming, surely they would be hyping it on their social media? What gives? It’s very curious.

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) December 17, 2021

It’s kind of hilarious. Clearly, Kate filmed her segment separately from the actual event, and I don’t know if it happened before or after the show was filmed. She wore a Miu Miu sweater which retails for £1,350. Which is BONKERS. You’re going to tell me she dropped $1788 ON A CARDIGAN? And this is the first we’re seeing of the sweater too. It was bought for the occasion, is my guess. The Daily Mail ran a story about how she’s “copying” Princess Diana’s infamous black-sheep sweater. Yeah, there’s an element of copykeening her dead mother-in-law, absolutely, but it’s also typical Kate. Diana’s black-sheep sweater was adorable and it was worn with a wink, because the Princess of Wales was the black sheep of the family she married into. Kate’s cardigan is just twee, little-girlish and it has no “wink.” It’s just overpriced and juvenile. It would have looked cute on Princess Charlotte, only there would be no reason for a six-year-old child to wear a cardigan worth two grand. Also: those hairpieces are so obvious, my lord.

Header photo courtesy of ITV, additional photos courtesy of Instar, Backgrid.

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