Elizabeth Hurley shows off age-defying figure in tiny yellow bikini

“Bye bye, Summer 2022” Liz stuns as she says goodbye to the sun

Posting a video of her in various positions while she either lounged in the sun, took a dip in the pool or applied suncream to her toned body, Liz’s farewell to summer montage was enough to get her 2.4 million followers hot under the collar.

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The Austin Powers actress showed off her curves as she posted a video of her lounging about in the sun, making the most of the last days of summer.

The video zoomed in and out on parts of Liz’s body as well as filming her swimming and laughing whilst she wore large sunglasses to cover her eyes.

Beaming in the sun, the age-defying actress looked directly into the camera at some points, her natural make-up and bluey-green eyes matching the mood whilst Summertime by Sam Cooke played over the top of the shots.

Captioning the video “Bye bye, Summer 2022” Liz created an immediate reaction with fans, who either commented or liked the video, some even did both.

Currently on 67,348 likes, a laughing Liz was simultaneously promoting some high-end brands that she clearly loves to work with: Clinique and Estee Lauder. In a bid to promote one of her own companies, it was clear Liz’s canary yellow bikini was part of her Elizabeth Hurley Beach range.

“The livin’ is easy” Liz was living the high life whilst swimming in the pool

As the camera panned down her incredibly toned, tanned figure while she laid at the side of the pool, and then went for a swim, Sam Cooke’s hit Summertime played over the top. The gentle lyrics “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” matched Liz’s joyful mood.

Liz flashed a glimpse of a smile as she posed in the pool

One of the camera shots was of Liz in the swimming pool, her sunglasses still covring her blue eyes. Her mousey brown hair was down falling at her shoulders while her make-up was very quite neutral. A glossy pink lip was paired with a smokey eye and a flash lash look.

The camera got close as Liz applied some SPF

A camera angle showing off the star’s plentiful assets, which were complimented in her yellow triangular bikini, lingered as the star applied some of the Clinique product to her midriff. The camera then quickly panned towards the product before disappearing and showing Liz laughing once more in the pool.

Liz gets her hair wet in sexy shower shots

Showing a montage of Liz underneath a shower is one of the video’s most eye-catching moments. The star turns and tilts her head back into the water to get her medium-length hair wet before turning to the camera in her large sunglasses, posing sultrily as she does.

According to one fan Liz is the “Hottest woman in human history”

Gaining tonnes of attraction, many fans of Liz took to the comment section of the video to share how good they thought the actress looked. One user, who goes by the name @gus_en_insta replied: “Hottest woman in human history” whilst another said: “You look absolutely fantastic!”

Liz has been enjoying the last of summer for quite some time

In a separate post Liz posted a video of her and some of her close friends dancing, walking and sharing a laugh whilst on holiday. Captioning the video: “Summer nights” while the song Mondo Bongo played over the top, Liz can be seen in a multicoloured maxi dress with a large gold necklace.

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