‘Ex On The Beach’: Chad Johnson Reveals We’ll See A ‘Different Side’ To Him After ‘BIP’ Drama

Chad Johnson was kicked off ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ but don’t expect him to easily be labeled as the ‘villain’ on ‘Ex on the Beach’! We caught up with Chad EXCLUSIVELY about why he was able to control his anger this time around and much more!

“There are certain situations where I can be a villain,” Chad admitted in our EXCLUSIVE interview. “I did all those things on Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, but obviously a lot of it was amped up. They were trying to get me kicked off a show and calling me the ‘world’s worst person’ in front of millions of people in America. I would like to think a lot of people would get upset in that situation. In this situation, I think you’ll see a different side of me. I’m not getting attacked by a bunch of people. I get to mind my business and get to know the girls I want to get to know. No one’s coming at me or trying to make me look bad or mean or stupid. Everyone does their own thing. I think it allowed me to open up a lot more and show more of myself than just being angry.”

Chad went onto explain that anger wasn’t an issue for him this time around because he had no reason to be angry. “Nothing can make me that angry unless you’re trying to steal my girlfriend in front of my face, you blatantly steal from me — like, money — or you make me look like an ass**** in front of millions of people,” he said. “So, none of those three things happened. Yes, there’s something that will happen on this show that makes me upset, but no one ever attacked my main points of life. I’m older and I’m more in control. I don’t really get angry — that’s something I worked on.”

Plus, of course, plenty of Chad’s other Ex on the Beach castmates were also the ‘villainous’ character on their own respective shows, which helped overshadow things a bit. “The whole cast was kind of ‘bad boys,’” Chad explained. “When there’s a bunch of bad boys together…no one’s bad. If there was one good guy trying to make the bad boys seem like bad people, that might have been annoying. But all the bad boys together..we’re just having fun!”

Because Chad wasn’t being targeted so much, he also said he was able to learn a lot about himself and get more out of the experience, too. “It put my heart in a better place than it was before,” Chad admitted. “I’ve learned to be more open with stuff and take things more seriously. I think the show made me realize that people have more feelings than they let on, and I start taking people more seriously as the show goes on. When my ex comes in, I realize she has emotions, too. There’s a lot of real emotion there.”

Season 2 of Ex on the Beach premieres on MTV on Dec. 20 at 10:00 p.m., right after Floribama Shore. This season also stars The Challenge star, Nicole RamosAre You The One? vet, Malcolm DrummerBig Brother winner, Morgan Willett, and many more!

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