Fake Milwaukee Bucks Championship Rings Worth Small Fortune Seized By Feds

A bunch of counterfeit Milwaukee Bucks title rings have been seized by the feds … who say if the bogus bling had made it past them, it could have cost U.S. residents a small fortune.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over the past few months, 56 shipments of 1,382 fake sports championship rings and trophies were intercepted by officers in Cincinnati.

The feds say in addition to the fraud Bucks memorabilia, there were also rings with Dodgers, Red Sox, Univ. of Kentucky and NASCAR images on them.

Authorities say the shipments also included fake Lombardi Trophies and more … and add that it would have all been worth around $1 million if it had been the real deal materials.

“The money profited from selling fake merchandise such as championship rings, is used to damage the United States economy and fund criminal enterprises,” Cincinnati port director Richard Gillespie said in a statement Tuesday.

“I am proud of the officers in Cincinnati, they work hard to protect our domestic businesses and stop illegal shipments.”

Of course, this is far from the first time feds have halted counterfeit sports items from sneaking their way into the U.S. … it happens yearly, including in 2019, when authorities say they seized nearly $12 million worth of fake title goods.

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