Farm Aid Distributes More Than $1 Million In Grant Funding In 2019

In the midst of the worst farm crisis since the 1980s, Farm Aid announced that it distributed more than $1 million in grant funding in 2019.

Farm Aid prioritized organizations working to address challenges created by the dominant industrial agricultural system, which has pushed family farmers to the brink of extinction.

Farm Aid President and founding member Willie Nelson thanked generous supporters from across the country and said Farm Aid’s grants to grassroots farm and rural service groups will keep family farmers on the land.

This year, Farm Aid distributed a total of $1,005,898, making grants to farm families and 95 family farm, rural service and urban agriculture organizations and giving scholarships to college students studying agriculture.

This is in addition to $224,100 that Farm Aid granted earlier this year to assist farm and ranch families who were affected by the historic flooding in the Midwest and Texas.

The 2019 Farm Aid concert, hosted by Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews, was held on September 21 in East Troy, Wisconsin.

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