Farrah Abraham Was NOT Clubbing With 13-Year-Old Daughter

Farrah Abraham has been put on blast for allegedly taking her 13-year-old to a club … but she says her critics don’t know what’s really up.

Farrah tells TMZ … she went with her daughter, Sophia, and her friends to an “all ages” concert at The Empire Control Room in Texas Monday, thinking it would just be safer if she were there — referencing last year’s Astroworld tragedy.

Farrah’s been getting slammed ever since posting about the event, with many assuming the 13-year-old was under the venue’s age limit and that it was wrong to take a 13-year-old regardless.

She says there was no age limit for this particular concert. As for taking a 13-year-old, Farrah says she wanted to educate her kid on how to have a fun yet safe time at a concert.

Farrah’s been working through a 12-step program for substance abuse and believes it’s helped her with everything, including parenting. BTW, she says she was knockin’ back H2O during the performances.

Farrah’s pressing pause on her comedy ventures as she works through some legal battles — she was charged with battery last month and pled not guilty … this stemming from an incident in January where she allegedly slapped a security guard at a club.

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