Fortnite Fires Back at 2 Milly, You Don't Own the Milly Rock!

You don’t think the people at Fortnite were gonna back down from a fight, did you? 

TMZ has learned Epic Games has loaded up their metaphorical Battle Bus to go to war with 2 Milly, the rapper who claims the video game stole his signature Milly Rock dance move. 

Remember, 2 Milly sued Epic Games back in December for copyright infringement claiming ownership of the Milly Rock, which Fortnite players can use to celebrate a victory on the virtual battlefield. 

But, Epic says they have done nothing wrong — because 1) No one can own a dance step. And, 2) The dance in Fortnite is different than the Milly Rock.

Epic’s argument isn’t too complex — they claim copyright law does NOT allow people to own individual dance steps and simple dance routines because they are “building blocks of free expression.”

The other argument … Fortnite claims their characters aren’t even doing the Milly Rock, but rather a similar dance called the Swipe It … which is a slower version of the M.R. 

Long story short, Epic says 2 Milly’s case is as flawed of a concept as parachuting straight into Tilted Towers, which everybody knows is DUMB!! 

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