Future May Have Invoked a "No Big Girls" Policy At A South Beach Club

Whenever there’s a story involving walking medicine cabinet Future you know the eye rolls will be continuous because this dude is like a human factory of fuckery. He’s always saying or doing something that makes me think to myself “Is he ever not high?” Case in point: Future allegedly threw a party at a club in Miami, and as far as which ladies he allowed in, the minimum price of admission was that you resemble a stick figure with boobs because anyone claiming to be in or around the plus-sized range were turned away faster than the daily “Baby I Miss You!!” love letters he sends to Ciara’s house.

I wish there was a whole line of plus-sized models who arrived to tackle Future’s bony ass to the ground and break his legs so that he, too, wouldn’t be able to enter the club, but that’s just the fantasy inside my own head. And unfortunately, according to Madame Noire, Future’s decision isn’t necessarily a shock to anyone who’s ever partied in South Beach. The culture tends to revolve around thin, plastic and in some cases white.

In 2012, four Black women made the news after exposing the famed Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel from denying them entrance based solely on their race. When one of the women texted a party promoter to tell him they were turned away from the door, his response was “Its a double standard @ the fountainbleu. White chics can be ok. Black chics gotta look twice as good and they only cater to a so called urban crowd on thursdays and sundays. Peace and love.”

The “No Big Girls” policy may be a standard invoked by most clubs in South Beach however it doesn’t look like Future wanted to be the one to break the tradition so having his name attached to this station will more than likely fuck up the commas in some of his future paychecks. Plus-size model Simone Mariposa probably summed it up best in a series of tweets regarding Future’s latest antics;

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