GB News in chaos as comedian moons Laurence Fox live on air in latest prank to hit broadcaster

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GB News has been hit by yet another on-air prank as comedian Adam Pacitti managed to moon Laurence Fox without anyone on the live show realising.

Adam was a guest on Dan Wootton's show alongside actor-turned-mayoral candidate Laurence and took his opportunity to have a laugh at the controversial star's expense.

Panning the camera round to show more of the background from his video call, Adam showed his reflection in a mirror behind him and that he wasn't wearing any pants.

He said to Laurence: "Hello. I am a great fan of your work and also a great fan of comedy. I am a man that loves to laugh. I am of the belief that either one can joke about everything or nothing at all because somebody will always be offended by a joke. What are your thoughts on that?"

However, while viewers though Adam mooning the show was hilarious, Laurence and host Dan didn't notice the cheeky prank.

One viewer tweeted: "Wondered why he was moving about. Cracks showing already at #gbeebies."

Another added: "Never heard of you before, but you're a legend for getting through the GB trolling wall!"

Since its launch a few days ago, GB News has been targeted by pranksters texting in their views to be read out on air under rude fake names including Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong.

Presenter Simon McCoy told off the jokers during one show, saying: "I’m just going to say something because if you’ve seen the papers, if you’ve seen Twitter, some people think it’s really funny to send in texts and messages on the basis that if we read them out we’ve been had.

"And you’re still doing it, and I’m watching them, and it doesn’t help anybody. So, to the person that’s just messaged in… grow up!

"We’re a new company, we’re a new broadcaster, there are systems that we’re putting in place that would stop idiots like you getting through. They’re getting through at the minute but… please? We’ve got other things to worry about."

But Simon did seem to see the lighter side as he made a joke about the channel's problems with sound quality and technical issues.

He said: "Mind you, if you can hear us, that's an improvement!"

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