Gemma Atkinson baby: ‘A lot of pressure’ Star opens up about experiences as a new mum

Gemma Atkinson, 34, gave birth to her first baby last week and the star is now getting to grips with breastfeeding. The former Emmerdale actress shared her feeding experiences with her one million Instagram followers and offered some advice to other mums who may be experiencing difficulties with their newborns. Gorka Marquez’s, 28, girlfriend candidly explained: “I’ve said to you all that I’ll try to be as honest as possible with stuff and obviously I’m a new mum so I’m learning loads. “I’m absolutely loving it though, she’s just a dream, I love her. I’m breastfeeding at the minute but one thing that has been a life saver is a hacker.”

The new mum then held the device up to the camera and continued: “I’m in this sexy breastfeeding bra. While baby’s going to town on one boob, the hacker collects from the other.

“I genuinely don’t think I would be able to breastfeed without this. I’m really lucky I can get between two and three ounces each feed so that means during the night feed she’s still on breast milk but from the bottle.

“So she’s managed to switch between the two already which is great.”

Gemma went on to share a supportive message with fellow mums who may not be finding breastfeeding very easy to cope with.

She added: “Also I’ve had people messaging me saying they’ve tried to breastfeed and can’t and they feel like a failure. 

“Honestly don’t. When I first started I was the same because she wasn’t latching on properly and I was thinking, ‘Oh my god’, and it’s quite a lot of pressure.

“But the best advice I’ve been given is happy mum, happy baby. I persevered and it’s worked and it works a treat now thankfully.”

The TV and radio personality concluded: “I completely understand it won’t work for everybody and if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t matter.

“As long as your baby’s being fed and you’re happy, happy mum, happy baby is the best thing I was told.

“If I’m stressing I know she will be, so if it’s not for you it’s not for you. Don’t put pressure on yourself.”

Earlier today Gemma shared a gleeful selfie on the social media platform as she gushed about motherhood being a “dream”.

The blonde beauty was pictured with her locks tied back, as she posed with her thumbs up at home.

She added the caption: “Thumbs up to the new mums club. What a whirlwind 9 days it’s been having little princess (my new bff) at home with me 24/7. 

“Being only maternal towards dogs for the first 30 years of my life I never dreamed I’d love someone as much as I do her. 

“I’m not sure how but we’ve been blessed with the most chilled out, calm, zen-like baby who so far eats and sleeps every 4hrs like a topper and in between is happy amusing herself having a good old kick and wriggle in her pram. 

“My sister has 3 kids so I’m well aware this good behaviour probably won’t last so I’m making the most of it now before she turns on me and has me clawing my own eyes out! 

“You were all right though, motherhood is a dream and I’m loving it. PS. How lucky too that my mat leave from the Radio has been over Wimbledon! C’mon Serena!”(sic)

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