Genie Bouchard Rocks An Ugly Christmas Sweater Instead Of A Bikini On Her Instagram Page

Bouchard rocks her ‘Santa’s Favorite Ho’ sweater on her Instagram page.

Tennis star and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Eugenie (Genie) Bouchard looks great in a bikini, but it seems she can even rock a Christmas sweater, too. Bouchard attended an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party hosted by friend Nikola Lendl and got all of the attention with a cheeky play on words.

Express says that the Canadian tennis player donned a long sweater, festooned in Christmas colors that featured the message “Santa’s Favorite Ho.” It’s obviously a play on words, as Santa traditionally says “Ho Ho Ho” as a greeting, but it can also be short for the word hooker, slang for prostitute.

The reaction from fans was overwhelming, with one asking if Bouchard was in search of her own Father Christmas.

“Can I be your Santa?”

The party was hosted by Nikola Lendl, a friend of Bouchard’s and daughter of former tennis great Ivan Lendl. On Instagram, Bouchard poked fun at Lendl, a fitness instructor and model, because she still managed to look stylish.

“Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!!!????????????❄️ *except host over here pulled a fast one on us and decided to look cute????.”

While Bouchard’s sweater might have been a touch controversial, she is wearing a lot more clothing than she usually does in her Instagram posts which often feature bikinis.

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Bouchard is currently ranked 87th in the world in tennis, but at one point she was as high as number five on the list. And tennis is still the primary focus for Genie Bouchard, who just returned from playing in a charity tournament on the private Necker Island as a guest of British billionaire Richard Branson, per Inquisitr.

But she pleased fans by once again combining a tennis adventure with posing poolside, checking out a mermaid tail.

“Genie broke out a mermaid’s tail — and while she looked smokin’ hot in it — when she bailed on the fit… the pool she was indefinitely got a little bit hotter.”

But as cute as the 5-foot-10 tennis star looked in a bikini top and mermaid tail, tennis fans should still keep an eye on her prowess on the hardcourt.

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Pretty nervous with Bjorn cheering me on ???? what a game tho #cornhole

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“Keep an eye on Eugenie Bouchard and her remaining time on Necker Island this week. Follow her Instagram and other social media accounts to see what she is up to. The Necker Cup is about to kick off and Genie has recently closed out her 2018 WTA Tour much better than initially expected. She cracked the WTA Top 100 once again. Check back for more updates on what she and other tennis stars are doing during this year’s off-season.”

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