Harry Potter's Jessie Cave Hospitalized With COVID Amid 4th Pregnancy

Yes, COVID is sadly still wreaking havoc around the world. After years of living in a pandemic, safety restrictions are being lifted (at least here in the United States), and it’s making it feel to some like the coronavirus crisis might finally be over.

But the truth is, there are still thousands of people hospitalized across the country, and millions of cases worldwide. And while vaccine access has made a huge impact on fighting the disease, getting COVID-19 can still be dangerous, particularly for those with other health conditions.

Just ask Harry Potter star Jessie Cave, who over the weekend posted to social media from the hospital, where she revealed she’d recently caught COVID while pregnant.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Triage, once again……
Anyone else had covid in 3rd trimester & had it hit them like a tonne of bricks for weeks?”


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So, so scary.

The Harry Potter star first posted about the illness back in February, so yes, she’s been sick for a while now, and all while carrying her fourth child! So serious and scary!

Accompanied by a selfie, she revealed to followers:

“Coronavirus followed by Norovirus on top of the near constant nausea this entire pregnancy. But I’m still managing to be a total ray of sunshine don’t worry.


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To make matters worse in this situation, this isn’t the first time the actress’ family has had a COVID scare.

She herself first contracted the disease over a year ago. While she was “symptomless” at the time, weeks later she began to notice signs of infection in her then-newborn son Abraham, who also had to be hospitalized.

She later explained on the UK talkshow Lorraine:

“You have to be so hyper-aware of every single symptom and trust your instinct. Within a day of realizing he was kind of changing a little bit and not feeding as much — his cry was different — I just went for it and went into It could have been a completely different story if I hadn’t gone in.”


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And then, weeks later, her partner Alfie Brown also contracted the virus.

Cave observed in the interview at the time:

“He’s actually now got the virus. … It’s such a strange illness and it affects everyone completely differently. It’s completely affected our whole lives over this period of time. I can’t really imagine a normal day now. … It’s a completely new reality for me. I have so much respect for how dangerous it is. It’s not that I didn’t before, but I think the second it happens to you as a personal experience, it just becomes so much more real and scary.”

Gosh, we can’t imagine what this family has been through over the last two years.

It just goes to show that COVID-19 still needs to be taken seriously, and precautions are still very important. For all of us!

We’re wishing Jessie a speedy recovery and a safe, healthy final stage of her pregnancy.

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