‘He proper hustled me!’ Rickie Haywood-Williams ‘swindled’ by Celebrity MasterChef co-star

Masterchef: John Torode swears after contestant finishes dish

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Rickie Haywood-Williams, 41, is best known for his work with Melvin Odoom, 40, and Charlie Hedges, 35, on Kiss FM. However, after joining in 2007, the trio decided to move over to BBC’s Radio One in 2019. The radio DJ has recalled his stint on Celebrity Masterchef in 2019 and how he was “swindled” by boxer Dillian Whyte.

He was amazing!

Rickie Haywood-Williams

Dillian surprised many when he placed fourth in 2019’s Celebrity Masterchef, including Rickie.

Speaking to Express.co.uk about the experience, he said: “One thing that sticks in my head was that I was on with Greg Rutherford and Dillian Whyte, the boxer, and he basically swindled me.

“We were chatting in the green room for hours while they were getting the set ready and stuff and we were all getting to know each other.

He continued: “All Dillion spoke about was boxing and every time we spoke about food and if we had prepped any meals he was going ‘I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I don’t even know why I’m on this show’.

“Then we did our first challenge and he was like a Michelin star chef, he was amazing. He properly hustled me, man.”

Dillian showcased his cooking skills and became a dessert-cooking expert, with Greg Wallace really taking a taste for his food.

However, in the semi-final the boxer undercooked his pudding, leading to him narrowly missing out on the final.

Rickie was not so lucky on the show, with his cooking skills not showing to be of success on the show.

The pair were joined by an array of celebrities, including reality star Joey Essex, ex-footballer Neil Ruddock, former Strictly star Oti Mabuse and The Chase’s Jenny Ryan.

Regarding work, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie made the move to BBC Radio One in April 2019 to present late nights every Thursday.

From September 2020, it was announced that the trio would be the new hosts of the 10.30am to 12.45pm Live Lounge show when it started in September 2021.

Prior to this, Rickie and Melvin presented the Kiss 100 Breakfast show from 2007, with Charlie joining in 2009.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Melvin revealed the reason why he moved to the BBC after leaving Kiss.

He said: “It’s basically that we were there for so long. I think we outlived every other breakfast show.

“So we thought you know what, Radio One have kind of insinuated that they would like to kind of get us to come across and we kind of like we have done everything we could possibly do at Kiss now.

“We were lucky enough to win some Sony radio awards, and made lots of listing figures.

“So we thought there is not much more we can do or achieve and the fact that Radio One were asking if we would come across.”

He continued: “It just felt like the right time and it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity so we made it work.”

The new presenters of Kiss FM’s radio show include Diversity’s Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely.

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