Henry Cavill filmed himself as he built a gaming PC: nerdy-hot or nope?

Whenever I’ve had to set up a new laptop over the past decade, I inevitably have to call CB to talk me through something or other. I’m not completely helpless, but I’m not the most tech-savvy person and I’m okay with that. I could never build a gaming PC, or put one together. I would cry. Then again, I’m not a gamer so it’s not like I would ever need to put one together! Henry Cavill, on the other hand, is a major gamer. He’s been a serious gamer for many, many years. The ladies may come and go but the gamer life stays. So obviously, Cavill spent a day in lockdown putting together his own gaming PC, and he made a little video of his journey. This seemed to take the better part of two days.

It’s so nerdy! There was a lot of talk about those dreadful curtains – I don’t understand if Cavill is in England (where his family lives, and where I think he has a home) or in LA, where I know he has a home? If he’s in England, the curtains make sense, because that’s the vibe of the decor – English country home, with muddy rose paint and chintz and floral curtains. If this is LA, the decor makes no sense (unless Cavill let his grandma decorate his LA pad). As for the tank top, the sweat and the meaty man… it’s nice. I could definitely see curling up with a mocha frappe and calling out inane suggestions at Henry as he grew more and more annoyed with me for breaking his concentration. Something I do appreciate: he really studied the f–k out of those directions. Most men don’t.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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