Holly Willoughby confesses she ‘waters down’ her opinions to avoid being cancelled

Holly Willoughby has confessed she "waters down" her opinions to avoid cancel culture.

The TV presenter is known for discussing a wide range of issues when presenting This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, however, she admits that sometimes she feels risking backlash to her opinions isn't worth it.

In an extract of her new book Reflections, as published by The Sun, she writes: "To fit in with other people's expectations of me, I have ended up simplifying myself and swallowing my voice so that I stay in the pigeonhole I'm expected to sit in.

"This can mean watering myself down. The moment you have an opinion or come down hard on one side of a debate or the other, in somebody's eyes it will be seen as controversial or wrong.

"I err on the side of caution because I want to go home and be a mum and focus on other things in my life.

“To go out on a limb and to speak your own truth can be scary, so it’s easier just to use other people’s words and thoughts and opinions.

“But every time you do that, you lose sight of your own. You don’t know what you want anymore. You don’t know how you feel.”

Holly is married to her TV producer husband Dan Baldwin, with whom she shares three children, Harry, 12, Belle, 10, and Chester, seven.

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It comes after a rare comment made by Holly about her marriage where she says she "still fancies" her husband.

The 40 year old, who recently launched her own jewellery collection with £495 earrings and diamonds, spoke out during an interview on Zoe Ball's Radio 2 show, where she admitted she's incredibly "blessed".

"I have a very happy relationship with my husband. I love him, I still fancy him – which is fantastic," Holly told Zoe on Friday 5 November.

The TV personality couldn't help but share how lucky she is as she added: "I'm very blessed in many, many ways."

Holly, who recently launched her lifestyle brand Wylde Moon, also admitted to Heart Radio that the last few years have been about reconnecting with herself and discovering who she is.

She explained: "The last few years I've kind of been looking inward a little bit. And I sort of got to this stage in life where I was like "I've got a really lovely life, I love my husband, I fancy my husband. I've got great kids. I'm very blessed in many, many ways, but something is missing."

"And I couldn't work out what it was, and eventually having looked inwardly, I sort of went 'God, it’s me! I'm missing!' I'd spent my whole life kind of doing this long to-do list, tick-list, like "da, da, da, da, da"and we run, and we keep going and we keep going, keep going…

"And I suddenly thought "I don’t know who I am, I don't even know what music I like, I don't know what my tastes are anymore."'

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