How did Christian Wilkins grandfather die? 2019 NFL Draft pick credits career to grandfather

Christian Wilkins was the first overall pick for the Miami Dolphins and was in tears as he spoke to reporters after his name was called.

The emotions were real as he dedicated his entire career to his grandfather who died in an accident in 2011. Wilkins said he would not be where he was without his grandfather’s support.

How did Christian Wilkins grandfather die?

Eurie Stamps Sr. was Christian Wilkins’ grandfather and the man that the former Clemson Tigers defensive star patterns his life after.

When told that he is “just like your grandfather,” he admits that is the greatest compliment that anyone could ever give him.

Stamps was a community leader and a pillar of the community. However, when police rushed his home looking for someone else (Stamp’s stepson), a SWAT officer accidentally fired his gun.

While the raid had nothing to do with him, it was Stamps who was hit with the accidental bullet. The 68-year-old grandfather of 12, with no criminal history, was laying down in the hallway when the bullet struck and killed him.

Stamps never got the chance to see Christian Wilkins win awards in college and end up as a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Christian’s mother said it best: “He carries my father’s spirit. It’s so encouraging. It’s so right.”

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