How KSI Built the Body That Crushed Logan Paul

How did KSI build the body that beat Logan Paul in a boxing match? In a new video for Men’s Health, the British YouTuber and rapper—real name Olajide Olatunji—responded to hilarious comments from fans and let us in on his workout secrets.

When he saw a fan applauding his fitness transformation, KSI pulled out his phone and read one of his workout plans: a sweat-inducing series involving 800-meter runs, dumbbell thrusters, deep squats, and burpees.

He also gave some insight into his Nov. 9 YouTuber-on-YouTuber showdown with Paul, which ended with a split-decision victory in KSI’s favor. One fan observed that his defensive stance resembled Floyd Mayweather’s.

“Yeah I didn’t use it though,” KSI said. “There’s a time and a place, and that wasn’t the fight for it. I wasn’t trying to be defensive at all. I was trying to get up in his grill. Hands up, move forward, close him down, punch.”

One fan asked how the rapper managed to learn boxing in such a short time frame. “Practice, man,” he said. “Practice and hard work. You just have to keep doing something over and over again.” And the new hobby has had a positive effect on his life—and we don’t just mean the satisfaction of besting Paul.

“Boxing has changed me so much, man,” he said. “Maturity-wise, mentally, physically—it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

“All of the boxing purists, they think I was just doing this for money and fame and clout, nah man. Your boy did this for inspirations. And just for myself as well, man. To prove that I can overcome the odds as the underdog to defeat him when everyone counted me out, there’s no better feeling.”

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