Idina Menzel has a clothing line you can wear to bed and wear the next day: genius?

Last year there was a fashion trend called the “nap dress,” which was a sundress with a shirred top and ruffle sleeves that was said to be comfortable enough to sleep in. I contend that every no-iron dress can be a nap dress and that I regularly nap in my dresses, especially the jersey knit ones, of which I have many. It’s a great marketing trend though, and that’s what came to mind when I heard about Idina Menzel’s new clothing line, Encore, now at QVC. Idina says you can go to bed in her collection and wear the same outfit out the next day, wrinkle-free, and that’s where she got the idea. She wants women to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Idina Menzel… has recently stepped into the style game with her own clothing line, a collection of fashionable yet easy-to-wear pieces called Encore.

Menzel told PEOPLE that she “never really saw myself as a very fashion kind of girl,” but the desire to craft the collection — sold on QVC — stemmed from her want to have clothing that she could wear to bed and continue wearing the next morning, all while still looking “chic.”

“Sleep to street, that’s kind of where it came from,” the actress shared. “And then, when I started to really manifest the idea and put it out there, I [saw] how I could build upon that for an entire collection and really take decision making [of a day’s outfit] out of the equation.”

“To be able to go into my closet and not feel overwhelmed, and know that I have these pieces that work with everything in my closet — that the colors go together, that the fabrics feel great, that I feel confident in them … and it all works together — [is what I wanted],” she continued.

“Even though I’m in these costumes and on these red carpets and all that stuff, the real me is someone at home who likes to just roll up on the couch and feel comfortable, and not be overly dressed,” added Menzel.

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As I’ve mentioned many times, I regularly sleep in athleisure. I wear clean workout clothes to bed, workout the next day in them, and then take a shower and put fresh workout clothing on, rise and repeat. This works for me and it’s super comfortable and convenient. Sometimes I switch it up, especially now, by wearing a dress or jeans when I go out. I’m starting to clean out my closets because I’m about to move and am surprised by how many cute outfits I’ve collected over the years. There wasn’t an occasion to wear them for over two years! It’s about time I started dressing nice to go out again instead of wearing leggings everywhere. There’s a hole in the market for clothing that looks work-appropriate but that you can sleep in. I know that sounds lazy, but who cares because it’s awesome.

This is a great idea and I feel like Idina is a kindred spirit. You can sleep in your damn clothes and still look cute the next day if you put a little, but not too much, effort in. I’m about the same age as Idina and I feel more confident yet am less willing to go out of my way. Win win.

The outfits are cute! I’m not fond of the jumpsuit but other than that I would wear these.

This is not a sponsored post I just wanted to talk about it.

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