Inside Tyson and Paris Fury's wild life

Inside Tyson and Paris Fury’s wild life from glamorous holidays to boxing woes

Tyson Fury’s Netflix documentary following his life with his wife Paris and their children At Home With The Furys was released on August 16.

The streaming platform were so impressed by the series that it was commissioned for a second season before the first had even aired, according to The Sun.

This is despite Tyson admitting he was not even sure he wanted to do the show halfway through filming the first season.

But what about the parts we don’t see in At Home With The Furys? What is the couple’s backstory? 

Find out by reading below…

Family (L-R): Prince John James, Paris, Athena, Prince Tyson II, Tyson, Valencia Amber, Prince Adonis Amaziah and Venezuela star in Netflix’s new At Home With The Furys series

Young love: The couple first met when they were in their teens, and they married in 2008

When did Tyson and Paris Fury meet?

Tyson and Paris met for the first time at a mutual friend’s wedding when she was 15 and he was 17 years old.

Paris described the 2005 encounter to the Irish Mirror, saying: ‘I was first introduced to Tyson by his Auntie Theresa.

‘The first time I laid eyes on him he was six foot six, so he was noticeable. He had big long side burns and I made a joke about him because I thought he was a bit gawky. I thought he looked like Farmer Giles.’

However, they did not begin dating until a year later when they bumped into each other again on a night out in Doncaster, in South Yorkshire when Paris was celebrating her 16th birthday.

Paris previously shared: ‘He was my first boyfriend as I was not allowed a boyfriend until the age of 16. He is the only boyfriend I have had.

‘Tyson would train in boxing during the week and then come and see me at the weekend. I would always be so excited at the thought of seeing him.’

They married in 2008 at St. Peter in Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster.

How many children does Tyson Fury have?

The couple share six children with a seventh on the way – announced in March 2023.

They have three boys and three girls, the eldest being daughter Venezuela who was born on September 27 2009.

All of their sons are called Prince, in reference to their father’s Gypsy King nickname, with the first of them Prince John James born in 2011. 

Prince Tyson II and Prince Adonis Amaziah were born in 2016 and 2019 respectively, either side of Valencia in late 2017.

Athena is the couple’s youngest, born in August 2021.

Where do Tyson and Paris Fury live?

Huge project: It’s said that a team of groundworkers shifted a whopping 1,400 bags of gravel for the 1,200sqmlogo on the Furys’ drive

Brood: The couple have six children, and pictured is one of the children’s bedrooms that have suede pink and blue bed frames 

Expensive: Underneath the wooden stair area there is a black grand piano, adding a luxurious feel to the marble-floored open space and provides the perfect place for a glamorous snap

As shown in the documentary, Paris and Tyson Fury live in a lavish £1.7 million Lancashire mansion.

The pair also regularly share small insights into their Morecombe home life across social media, including the unique logo for Tyson’s brand emblazoned on their driveway.

They have decked out the sprawling property with garish gold curtains, radiators, and chandeliers, a Versace mirror and a red-topped marble kitchen.

Tyson and Paris also own a number of other properties, with the boxer boasting previously about homes in Las Vegas and Marbella.

What do they do together now?

Happy birthday: Paris shared a glimpse of Tyson’s 35th birthday celebrates after he reached the milestone in August 2023 

Holiday season: The family have jetted off to Spain, France (pictured), and Dubai in recent years for family getaways

Congratulations! In March Tyson announced he and Paris are set to welcome their seventh child, captioning an Instagram snap: ‘What a woman. 7th incoming’

The entire family love to go on sunny holidays, and in promoting their new show Tyson and Paris joked that there is little room for romance with the children around.

The family have jetted off to Spain, France, and Dubai in recent years.

On these trips they live the life of luxury, with their Cannes holiday in May 2022 being spent between an £18,000-a-night superyacht and a five-star hotel.

However, they still find time to have date nights together to see just each other. 

The two were on their way for one when Tyson proudly announced the news of their seventh child.

They also plan cute events for each other, with Paris putting on a delightful evening for Tyson’s 35th birthday in August 2023.

How have Paris and Tyson supported each other?

Number one fan: Paris can always be seen ringside at her husband’s big fights

Despite the glorious lifestyle the pair enjoy now, they still have to support one another, as they have in the past.

In 2016, when Tyson was in the prime of his career, he was stripped his titles while holding an undefeated 25-0 record after failing a drugs test for cocaine.

He then took a step back from the sport to focus on his mental health.

‘I had everything – money, fame glory, good looks,’ he told BT Sport ahead of his 2018 comeback.

‘I had it all, everything a man would ever want but yet it didn’t mean anything, I wanted to die on a daily basis.

‘Anxiety started to come heavily, I always suffered with depression, when i was on top of the world I became more and more and more depressed until it was like suicidal thoughts and stuff like that.’

A therapist helped him ‘get my life back on track’, and Paris was also supporting her husband through his troubles.

She said things became much clearer in 2017 when Tyson was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

She told Good Morning Britain in 2021: ‘It was a relief, it cemented it.

‘We weren’t wondering if he had something wrong. There were demons there from a young age. It made it so much easier to accept what he was going through.

‘He’s not bad or selfish because he wants to be – it was actually an illness.’

Before Tyson’s recovery, the couple had to deal with Paris suffering a miscarriage in 2014, a horror which repeated itself on the day of the fighter’s comeback against Sefer Seferi.

He told GQ: ‘It’s out of our hands and we got through it as a team. Talking about things helps a lot and that’s it. We move forward.’

As well as being there for each other in the dark times, they also celebrate the highs together.

Paris is Tyson’s biggest fan, and can always be seen ringside at his big bouts cheering all the way.

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