Is Downing Street pleased with Prince William & Kate’s pandemic tour?

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was not happy about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Keen Pandemic Tour. She really got the ball rolling with her somewhat terse criticism of how William and Kate should not have traveled into Scotland. Welsh public health officials followed suit, and there definitely seems to be an overwhelming sense of horror that the Tweedlekeens thought this tour was a good idea. I’ll say this as well: the tour still would have been problematic and tone-deaf even if W&K were staying masked the entire time, but the fact that they’re wandering around maskless during some of their stops is completely reprehensible.

As I’ve said a few times in these posts, I’m starting to believe that William and Kate are useful-idiot pawns being used to distract from an assortment of awful headlines in the UK, from Brexit to Prince Charles’ insane hate campaign against The Crown. I genuinely believe that the Tories sent the Keens out there to distract. But Boris Johnson doesn’t want to sign his name to this mess now. Maybe it’s even worse than he thought it would be! Maybe he didn’t even send them out.

Downing Street has dodged questions over whether or not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s cross-Britain tour is compliant with Covid rules. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman repeatedly directed journalists towards the palace when questioned about William and Kate’s railway tour.

Asked if the Westminster government shared the Welsh and Scottish governments’ questioning of the royals’ trip, he replied: “That’s obviously a matter for the palace and I would point you towards them. But we have set out clearly the tiers and the advice around the current guidelines that we are asking the public to abide by.”

Pressed if the trip was compliant, he replied: “I’m pointing you towards the palace. It’s clearly a matter for them. I’m making the general point that we’ve set out the regionalised tier system that is now in place and the guidance that we are asking people to abide by.”

Asked if the palace sought any guidance from Downing Street before the trip, he replied: “As I say, it’s a matter for the palace.”

When it was pointed out they had issued statements when high profile celebrities such as Rita Ora broke the rules, he added: “As I say, it’s a matter for the palace. As I’ve set out, the more general point, we’ve set out the regionalised tiering approach and the guidelines that we are asking the public to follow.”

Asked if he was refusing to back the royals’ trip, he replied: “I’m pointing you towards the palace.”

[From The Evening Standard]

Clearly, it’s NOT a matter solely for the palace? If this was a personal situation, a story about the Cambridge family alone, arguably it would just be a matter for the palace. Although I would argue that William and Kate want to be seen as the Future King and Future Queen so badly, they should start acting like it even when it comes to disclosing sh-t like William having coronavirus back in March. But back to Downing Street’s position… when it involves two dumbf–ks taking a taxpayer-funded Royal Train around the United Kingdom for a maskless super-spreader tour in violation of current lockdown regulations set forth by Downing Street, surely it’s a matter for Downing Street? Anyway, this is just a reminder that William and Kate wanted credit for thinking up this catastrophic tour all by themselves. I bet when they get home, suddenly it will be someone else’s fault, don’t you think? I can’t believe Meghan and Harry forced the Keens to do this awful pandemic tour!!

And after all that, suddenly Boris Johnson wants everyone to know that he’s keen.

— Chris Mason (@ChrisMasonBBC) December 8, 2020

Was BoJo making a jerking-off motion when he said that?

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