It's A First Lady Fashion Show, But Who Made The Grade and Who Dropped The Ball

You decide who wore it best.

The G20 summit is a go in Buenos Aires, and Mon Dieu, two first ladies, Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, showed up wearing similar white pencil skirts. This naturally sparked the question with those who follow fashion, who wore it better?

Hollywood Life says that Trump, 48 and Macron, 65, both wore fitted white skirts to pose for a photo on the opening day of the global meeting. Melania Trump, the taller of the two, wore a longer pencil skirt with a high waist paired with a brown shirt and leather jacket.

“Melania looked stylish in a $5,990 leather Ralph Lauren coat and white pencil skirt as she touched down in Buenos Aires with President Donald Trump on Thursday, having changed out of the purple Derek Lam skirt she wore for her departure from Washington, D.C.”

Brigitte Macron wore her fitted white skirt with a matching jacket as a suit matched with classic black pumps. Both women have opted for white outfits in past meetings, too. When the Trumps greeted the Macrons when they visited Washington, D.C., Madame Macron wore a white boucle Chanel dress and jacket while Mrs. Trump “had on one of her wackier getups” with a wide-brimmed white cowboy hat and an asymmetrical peplum dress.

Who wore it better will come down to personal taste. Trump’s outfit was far more stylish, but with a more conservative hem, while Macron, as usual, opted to show a lot of leg.

The Daily Mail says that for the official group first ladies’ photo, Melania Trump mixed things up, changing into a floral dress with kelly green accents. Brigitte Macron changed from a suit into a dress but stuck with the same cream-colored palate. Trump’s dress is by Gucci ($4,900) and she matched it with green heels.

Macron wore a short-sleeved knit dress with black heels and simple jewelry.

Also making their mark at the G20 summit in their black evening wear are Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Argentinian first lady Juliana Awada, who is married to president and host Mauricio Macri.

On Twitter, people had firm opinions on who looked good and who wasn’t cutting it.

“Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron lead the glamour at G20, yet again the give the prize award to the hideous dress of Queen Maxima. Hid-e-oss! as the French say it when faced with the unbearable sight of un-chic.”

Others agreed that Trump and Macron were leading in glamour and wondered if they could help out British Prime Minister Theresa May with her fashion choices.

“Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron lead the glamour at G20, meanwhile PM Theresa May looks ghastly in a blazer that does not fit or even match her outfit.”

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