Jane Fonda, Sam Waterson arrested for protesting climate change

Jane Fonda arrested during climate protest

Michael Loftus weighs in on actress Jane Fonda’s arrest during a climate change protest in Washington, D.C.

Actress and activist Jane Fonda was arrested again outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. for protesting climate change, this time alongside her “Grace and Frankie” co-star Sam Waterson.

The 81-year-old actress is making good on her promise of doing it every week, as she was also nabbed last Friday along with 16 other people on the Capitol steps.

The arrest comes after Fonda, a liberal Hollywood celebrity long known for activism and outspokenness, said she soon planned to leave Tinseltown and relocate to the nation’s capital, at least temporarily, inspired by young climate change activists.

Sam Waterson and Jane Fonda were arrested at a climate change protest in Washington D.C.
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"So, I moved here to do an action every Friday called 'Fire Drill Friday' because Greta Thunberg says 'our house is on fire we have to behave appropriately,'” Fonda told reporters upon her release last week. "So, we have a fire drill every Friday and every Friday at 11:00 we will have a different focus on climate."

When asked by a reporter what compelled her and others to take that extra step to go up onto the steps and be arrested, she said: "Well, because it brings people like you here. It attracts media. We're trying to raise the visibility of this crisis."

Added Fonda: "There's a lot going on in the world, as you very well know, and we want to break through and make sure that climate and the catastrophe that's looming remains as much front and center as we can make it and there's gonna be more and more and more of these direct actions and civil disobedience, non-violent disobedience. If necessary, we're gonna have to be able to bring things to a halt."

Fonda said she and the other arrested protesters in the Capitol Police Station were simply waiting out their time, plotting their next move.

"Organizing, we were organizing, planning next steps and so forth, it was great!" she stated.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 81-year-old actress had a goal in mind when she moved: to get arrested.


Fonda told the newspaper she planned to spend about four months in Washington for a series of sit-ins and rallies — after getting an OK from Netflix to take time off from her series “Grace and Frankie,” which she co-stars with Lily Tomlin.

Fox News' Julius Young and Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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