Jay Leno Sprayed With Gasoline that Erupted in Fire, Friend Saved His Life

Jay Leno could have died in the fire that erupted in his Burbank garage — it was that serious — and we’ve learned it was a friend of his who may have saved his life.

Jay tells TMZ from his hospital bed …  he was working on his 1907 White Steam Car in his famed garage this past Saturday, fixing a clogged fuel line. He says there was a fuel leak and gasoline sprayed on his face and hands. Almost simultaneously a spark triggered an explosion, setting the comedian on fire.

Jay says his quick-thinking buddy Dave was right there and jumped on him, quickly smothering the flames.

TMZ broke the story … the left side of Jay’s face was badly burned. His hands were burned as well. He says he’s now dealing with 3rd-degree burns and may need skin grafts. As we reported, the burns did not damage his eyes or his ears.

Jay, who was rushed to a nearby burn center by ambulance, says he expects to be hospitalized for somewhere between 5 and 10 days.

We’re told Jay has canceled his various engagements for 2 weeks.

By the way … in case you didn’t do the math, the car in question is 115 years old.

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