Jenelle Evans’ Kids, Jace & Kaiser, Taken Away By Child Protective Services After David Eason Shoots Dog

In the wake of David Eason killing Jenelle Evans’ dog, authorities have banned two of her kids – 9-year-old Jace and 4-year-old Kaiser – from the ‘Teen Mom’ stars’ home.

David Eason’s recent actions, in which he fatally shot Jenelle Evans’ beloved French bulldog Nugget, has brought them a tidal wave of public shame and scorn. It also apparently brought them the attention of Columbus County Child Protective Services. After the shooting, two of Jenelle’s children — Jace, 9, and Kaiser, 4, — have been removed from David, 30, and Jenelle’s home, according to TMZ. The publication’s sources say that Jace, who Jenelle, 27, had with Andrew Lewis, is currently in custody of Jenelle’s mother, and the Teen Mom has visitation rights. However, per CPS’s orders, Jace cannot visit Jenelle’s home because of the dog-killing incident, according to TMZ.

Kaiser, who TMZ reports was removed from the home on May 10, is currently staying with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Nathan’s mom. Kaiser was reportedly in the house when David beat and shot Nugget. CPS will not allow visits, according to TMZ, until its investigation into the incident is complete. As for David and Jenelle’s daughter, 2-year-old Ensley, TMZ reports that she’s still in the home, partly because “authorities believe it’s treacherous to enter the property” due to David’s temper and his firearms. When asked for a statement, Columbus County Child Protective Services told that it “can not comment on any situation, we have no information to share.”

“We do have an active investigation on animal cruelty regarding David Eason that was initiated on May 1st, 2019,” Michelle Tatum, PIO for Columbus County, N.C. Sheriff’s Office, tells “Our investigation is still ongoing now, and we have no new information to release at this point. Any Child Protective Services action is separate from us, and you must contact them for any details.”

David shot and killed Nugget after the dog reportedly bit their two-year-old. The two are under investigation for the shooting because someone filed a complaint with the CPS, fearful of the children since the kids were on the premises at the time of the shooting. Following the incident, Jenelle was removed from Teen Mom 2, and there’s no indication that she’s going to be back anytime soon. “MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ with him since,” the network said in a statement. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

“Killing a dog that did not have any child bleed or die, he should be facing jail time,” Teen Mom icon Farrah Abraham, 27, said when speaking EXCLUSIVELY with “That is animal abuse and [David] is mentally unstable. I lost my dog last year, and I can only imagine [what] the kids and Jenelle are going through. Very sad.” Will Jenelle pull the trigger and divorce David? Her friends hope that she will, as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY heard they think “it’s an unhealthy situation for Jenelle and her kids, and wish she would make the decision to divorce him once and for all.”

That seems unlikely, at the moment. “I was never scared of my life or scared of my husband, but yes I have been upset about what happened and still am,” Jenelle said when speaking EXCLUSIVELY with after the incident, saying that her focus right now is on her “life, my kids, and my relationship.” However, she said the incident made her “feel [like] he’s very cruel and doesn’t have a heart on many ends.”

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