Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck got pap’d as they strolled the streets of Capri

The Bennifer Summer continues!! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not merely content to recreate their most iconic moments – Butt-Rubbing Szn 4 Eva – they also want to create new memories, new iconic moments. A Bennifer World Tour. For three days, Ben and Jen were on the yacht in the South of France and partying in St. Tropez. Now the yacht has taken them to Capri, where they went sight-seeing, posed for photos and did some shopping. TMZ noted how they seemed to be hamming it up for the paparazzi:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are perfectly aligned and in step with one another as they continue their romantic Euro getaway to celebrate her birthday … and we mean that literally.

TMZ’s obtained footage of the couple strolling through the quaint alleyways of Capri Tuesday … where they seem to have landed after a pit stop in Saint-Tropez over the weekend. As you can see, they were hand-in-hand … with their team fully surrounding them.

They didn’t let that kill the mood though … Bennifer went about their business, taking in the sights and leisurely enjoying the city.

Anyhoo … eyewitnesses tell us it was quite the eventful day for them — apparently, they stopped for a bite at a place called Ristorante Faraglioni … but we’re told there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of eating. Our sources on the ground say it was mostly them hamming it up for paps.

We’re also told they popped into a jewelry store at one point … but it’s unclear what, if anything, they bought. After that … our sources say they hit up a vintage Chanel store. So, they’re definitely in vacation mode — shopping, chillin’ and soaking in the atmosphere.

[From TMZ]

One man’s “hamming it up for the paps” is another man’s love language. I think Ben and Jennifer both look relaxed and happy. They’re comfortable with the attention they’re getting and the chaos they’re ensuing. They are Leos, proud and tall.

Visually, they look great with each other right now too. Ben has easily lost 20 pounds in three months and he’s looking downright svelte. Did she put him on a diet??? LOL. Jen looks amazing too. I really want her straw tote. Versace, right? Her outfit is super-cute too.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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